The manual lays out a Monitoring, Results measurement and Learning Framework for aBi. This policy document is therefore, the official reference guide for all monitoring and results measurement activities at aBi.

The Manual provides a structure to track progress and feedback mechanisms at all levels where aBi interventions are implemented. Monitoring progress, measuring results and program evaluation are three different but interrelated, interactive and mutually supporting management tools. Through routine tracking of progress, monitoring provides both qualitative and quantitative data useful for designing, implementing, learning and improving aBi’s future interventions.

On the other hand, periodic evaluations/impact studies making use of monitoring reports, support aBi and its stakeholders learn about the efficiency and effectiveness of the aBi interventions. Monitoring progress and measuring impact is factual and is done by aBi regularly and periodically through the Results Measurement (RM) system while evaluation is done by engaging external service providers focusing on assessment of costs/benefits, effectiveness, relevance and other issues (including those requested by our Development partners).

aBi applies new tools to work more effectively and through the DCED standard such as Intervention Guide (IG), aBi Results Aggregation System (ARAS), Quarterly Review Meetings (QRM) and The AAER tool to measuring System change. The manual provides practical guidelines how to use these tools and also explains technical subjects like outreach dimensions, sampling strategies and methods, evaluation methods, data collection tools development.

The policy manual takes aBi’s Business Planning cycles into consideration and resets the results measurement priorities and work plan. aBi interventions play a key role in the long-term wealth creation and sustainable development of the farmer communities and, therefore, their implementation demands that close attention is paid to both their quantitative and qualitative achievements. In the manual, performance indicators of change, have been identified and defined as the core set of measures for results.