As a provider of whole sale Lines of Credit and Agricultural Loan Guarantees to intermediaries Financial Institutions, aBi Finance Ltd will in the next 5 years strengthen its SRI engagement with its partners. This will done through obtaining an overview of the various global SRI reporting standards and carefully assessing them to adopt the most suitable ones that meet our strategic objectives, resulting into the formulation of aBi’s SRI framework and subsequently its implementation.

aBi Socially Responsible Investment principles

Principle 1 aBi partners shall actively promote and foster fair labour and working conditions.
Principle 2 aBi will encourage support of projects that promote the responsible use of land, energy and water and safety of consumers.
Principle 3 aBi activities shall support initiatives that promote the  conservation of natural resources and promotion of renewable energy.
Principle 4 aBi activities shall be underlined by the promotion and protection of vulnerable groups, defined as gender-women and youth & location specific-Northern Uganda.
Principle 5 aBi interventions shall contribute to Poverty eradication by direct or indirect investments in projects that provide jobs and increase incomes.