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On 13th June 2018 aBi, Mediae Kenya Ltd and Vision Group held a joint launch of the long awaited drama series dubbed, “KABULONDA MPEKE TOWN” TV and Radio Series at New Vision Head Office. Representatives of Mediae, Bukedde and Urban TV attended the launch and made a commitment to support the drama series.

Mr. Francis Chesang, Chief Operating Officer aBi Trust officiated over the launch and you can find his speech on this link: Download Speech

The episodes that started running on Bukedde TV and Urban TV last week will be complemented with a Radio Drama programme, an SMS platform that the audience will use to ask for additional information as well as leaflets with detailed information about the key messages from series and agribusiness in general.

The schedule for Kabulonda Mpeke Town Drama Series is as follows; Bukedde TV on Tuesdays at 8pm and on Urban TV on Saturdays at 1pm. Please also tune in to Bukedde Radio FM on Saturdays and Sundays at 8.30pm and 9.30pm respectively, for the radio drama version of the series.

Please find promotional materials about the series and past episodes on the aBi website. Kindly help share with your social networks.

Project Brief:

aBi partnered with Mediae and made a huge initial investment of over USD$1.5m to produce drama episodes for Uganda’s audience, particularly, farming families and urban youth, in central Uganda. The broad objective is to improve farming family livelihoods, empower women and youth and protect the environment. Mediae also secured an MOU with Bukedde (New Vision Printing & Publishing Co.) for transmission of the drama series in both English and Luganda (Bukedde TV, Bukedde Radio and Urban TV).

The specific targets for this project are:

  1. Increase agricultural knowledge of the audience for improved access to inputs, finance and markets;
  2. Changed attitudes relating to farming as a family business including joint visioning, planning, resource sharing and gender balance amongst the audience; and
  3. Increase adoption of farming practices amongst target audience aimed to increase farming family income and generate family revenues

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