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Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd was presented with the prestigious Sustainable Standard Setter Award at the Rainforest Alliance Gala in New York on 9th May 2018 becoming the first African coffee company to win this award. The award recognizes the company’s efforts to demonstrate an exceptional commitment to sustainability, improving livelihoods and conserving biodiverse landscapes in Uganda.

While receiving the award Ms. Anneke Fermont, Regional Sustainability Manager, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd said, “Kyagalanyi is committed to building a sustainable and profitable coffee value chain that benefits everyone. We have a team of over 80 agronomists that support more than 15,000 households to improve coffee quality and production. Every year, they provide 100% of the households with targeted advice during individual farm visits and run agronomy trainings in 600+ demo plots and farm business trainings in 21 Volcafe Way model farms”.

“Operating deep in the rural areas of Uganda has helped to grow our understanding of the social, economic and environmental challenges that smallholder farmers face. We are fortunate to work with several donors, including aBi Trust, and roasters. This gives us the freedom to innovate and evaluate new approaches to tackle deep social problems such as child labour, gender inequality and youth unemployment, but also to work on innovative digital payment and traceability solutions and make coffee farming systems more resilient to climate change” Anneke noted.

“We are very honoured with this award as it recognises that our work creates real impact. But we are most proud of our field teams in Mt. Elgon, West Nile and the Rwenzori. They work very hard to create these changes; every day climbing mountains and battling with rains. It’s so hard to convince farmers to do things differently and become the first adopters in their communities. Yet, they manage. They are our true heroes” Anneke concluded.

aBi is proud to be associated with this achievement and commits to continue supporting the development of the coffee value chain in Uganda.

Brief on aBi Partnership with Kyagalanyi:

aBi has partnered with Kyagalanyi on two projects namely; Up and out scaling Kyagalanyi’s sustainable coffee schemes in Uganda; and Construction of a Roasting Plant. The objective of the former is to quadruple Kyagalanyi’s certified coffee volumes to 45,000 bags per year by up and out scaling proven approaches and introducing new strategies, while that of the latter is, to promote domestic consumption of coffee in Uganda and value addition thru establishing a roasting facility in Namanve.


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