The Agricultural Business Initiative Group is a social enterprise with the overall vision to contribute to ‘a competitive and sustainable agriculture and agribusiness sector in Uganda in support of equitable wealth creation in Uganda’. The aBi Group consists of two companies Limited by Guarantee, aBi Development (formerly aBi Trust) and aBi Finance.

The main focus of aBi Development is to increase agricultural production and value addition by extending matching grants and business development services (BDS) to agribusinesses, farmer organizations and intermediaries. The grants and BDS enhance planning and management, production and business infrastructure, and upstream and downstream market linkages of producers and agribusinesses. aBi Finance expands access to business finance for agricultural producers and agribusinesses by offering to Financial Institutions (FIs), financial incentives and infrastructure that make lending to the agricultural sector more attractive and less risky. Under the Financial Services Development (FSD) programme aBi Finance provides matching grants to FIs to build institutional capacity for enhancing the provision of financial services and increase outreach in rural areas.

 aBi seeks to recruit the following positions:

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How to Apply:

Agribusiness Initiative (aBi) Trust offers you the opportunity to make what you want out of life, and out of your career. We give you the opportunity, the support and empower your need to fulfill your potential and achieve your goals and also value the fresh perspective that experienced professionals can bring.

Our core values are relevant to employees and expect them to uphold the highest standards of efficiency and competence in all matters affecting their work and include;

Integrity – abiding by the highest ethical principles in dealing with other persons and entities;

Professionalism – working with a high standard of skill competence and character;

Innovation – thinking outside the box in seeking solutions as opposed to being narrowly focused; and

Participation – involving stakeholders in the process of achieving objectives and everyone – customer, colleague, stakeholder or member of the public – is treated with respect.

At aBi our future successes depend on how we nurture great individual talent and support our people to stimulate agribusiness growth in Uganda with the aim of creating an environment in which our people are proud to work the diversity they represent our greatest strengths.

We at aBi believe that our Human Capital is its strength; therefore the People’s core competencies are its competitive advantage and you’ll be part of a team of talented individuals with a strong sense of purpose, dedicated to conducting business responsibly.

aBi’s BOT, Directors, Management and employees are committed to the highest levels of ethics, integrity and quality. This is evidenced by our business practices and partner service standards, leadership behavior and shared values, and most importantly, by the quality of people we employ.

We take our ethical principles and standards seriously and that is why we have made them cornerstones of our business and will apply in all of our activities with the principles of:

Transparency – ensuring that the decisions made by the aBi BOT, Directors, Management and employees are made in an open and transparent manner that follows best practice and agreed policies and procedures;

Non-discrimination – supporting stakeholders according to their merits, without discriminating on the grounds of gender, ethnic background, political or religious affiliations; and

Accountability– ensuring that as an institution and as individuals, the means and mission entrusted to aBi by the Founders, development partners and other stakeholders are fully and openly accounted for aBi Trust strongly believes in competencies that can adhere to its values, principles and ethical standards that are in line with green growth and human rights based approaches.

We have a strong commitment to continuous learning at all levels – your own skills and competence will develop throughout your career with aBi.

aBi sponsors talent programmes and demonstrates visible leadership and commitment from the top to ensure the programme has credibility for employees and to increase their sense of value of being part of it.

As a public trust we are committed to Uganda’s Agribusiness Development and our talent management strategy is critical to enhancing responsiveness, and improving the quality of results in the Agricultural Sectors

No opportunities available at the moment