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Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) has entered into a Shs100m partnership with Vision Group to promote agriculture through the Harvest Money platform and participate in the in the 2019 Harvest Money Expo. The partnership agreement was signed on 14th August 2018, at New Vision Head Office.  This partnership is mainly aimed at establishing a platform that will create an exciting opportunity within the agricultural sector and stimulate competitiveness of Uganda’s agribusiness sector.

This year’s campaign is aimed at promoting climate smart farming especially for coffee, cereals, beans, oil seeds and horticulture, through the Vision Group’s Harvest Money pull out. The Harvest Money Expo will also enable key actors in agribusiness to share experiences, perspectives, challenges and expectations, which will ultimately lead to harnessing of the existing opportunities within this sector. In addition, it will facilitate transfer of new technology within the sector and endorse agriculture as a viable alternative livelihood in Uganda. This is in line with aBi’s mission of promoting private sector agribusiness development to enhance wealth creation in Uganda.

During the launch ceremony, Ms. Josephine Mukumbya, Group CEO”, aBi said that,

“this partnership will be used to showcase aBi’s work, impact and lessons learnt, including testimonies of beneficiaries and expert opinion articles on agribusiness, in the Harvest Money pull out published every Friday and at the Expo. Therefore, we are extremely excited about the impact that this partnership and Kabulonda Mpeke drama series will have on the growth of the agribusiness sector in Uganda”. (Read Mukumbya’s full speech on this link: Speech by aBi Group CEO

Mr. Robert Kabushenga, CEO, Vision Group welcomed this partnership as an opportunity that will help promote agricultural sector and tell the farmers story as a way of changing the negative mindset towards the sector. He said that, “the sector has been battling a negative perception for more than 40years as agriculture as, a would be source of employment and income, has been reduced to mere means of survival for the uneducated and unemployable. We need to change this narrative and create a better perception through initiatives like this partnership with aBi”. Kabushenga further noted that the agricultural sector value chain could ably absorb the unemployed youths, including graduates.

During the same function, Mr. Vincent Kaheru, aBi Trustee, explained that, “aBi is supporting agribusiness development through extending credit to the sector players in form of grants and loans. To access the credit support, farmers have to apply and go through a vetting process before acquiring the funds.”

This function was also attended by the New Vision Editor-in-Chief Barbra Kaija and Senior Management of the two institutions.

Video link: aBi and Vision Group Harvest Money Partnership News Coverage


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