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On 15th October 2021, two new aBi Boards were unveiled by the Royal Danish Embassy Representative to aBi, Mr. Ole Dhal Rasmussen, at a function held at Golden Tulip Hotel, Kampala. The Boards would provide separate governance oversight for the two the entities; aBi Finance Ltd and aBi Development Ltd.

While unveiling the new Boards Mr. Henrik Jespersen, Head of Cooperation/ Deputy Head of Mission congratulated the Directors on their appointment. He urged the two Boards to promote green (growth) and sustainable investments as this was important to Denmark and aBi’s Development Partners. “We hope aBi will become a green champion and commit to make Uganda a laboratory for climate change adaptation. aBi is a development institution hence, it should be ready to take risks and deploy the much-needed funds. This calls for balancing the commercial and socio-development objectives which is critical in ensuring a competitive, profitable and sustainable agribusiness sector”, he said.

Mr. Felix Okoboi, the new Chair, aBi Boards made a commitment to fulfil the expectations of all the key stakeholders. He promised to leverage on the goodwill from the key stakeholders mainly, the development partners, Government of Uganda and investors, in order to realize the potential of the agribusiness sector in Uganda.

Mr. Ole Dhal Rasmussen, introduced the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for aBi Finance, Mrs. Mona Muguma-Ssebuliba, and Ag. CEO aBi Development Ltd. She committed Management’s support to the Boards to help it play its oversight function diligently and effectively.

Composition of the new Boards

Below are the names of the Directors for both aBi Finance Ltd and aBi Development Ltd;

Directors of aBi 2020 Ltd (aBi Finance) – As at 15th October 2021 Directors aBi Development Ltd – As at 15th October 2021
1 Mr. Felix Okoboi (Chair) 1 Mr. Felix Okoboi (Chair)
2 Mr. Warwick Thomson (Vice-Chair) 2 Mr. Warwick Thomson (Vice-Chair)
3 Mr. Michael Kairumba (until 30th November) 3 Mr. Michael Kairumba
4 Mr. David Kabateraine (until 30th November) 4 Mr. David Kabateraine (until 30th November)
5 Ms. Sophie Nkuutu 5 Ms. Sophie Nkuutu (until 30th November)
6 Mr. Morten Christiansen 6 Mr. Morten Christiansen
7 Mr. Patrick Oketa 7 Ms. Alice Ruhweza
As at 1st December 2021   As at 1st December 2021
1 Mr. Felix Okoboi (Chair) 1 Mr. Felix Okoboi (Chair)
2 Mr. Warwick Thomson (Vice-Chair) 2 Mr. Warwick Thomson (Vice-Chair)
3 Ms. Sophie Nkuutu 3 Mr. Grace Jethro Kavuma
4 Mr. Morten Christiansen 4 Mr. Michael Kairumba
5 Mr. Patrick Oketa 5 Mr. Morten Christiansen
6 Mr. Anders Frigaard 6 Ms. Alice Ruhweza
7 Ms. Charity Ekudu 7 Recruitment process ongoing.


aBi bids farewell to outgoing Chairperson

During the same function the Boards and Management bid farewell to Ms. Sarah Walusimbi, former Chair, aBi Boards, who was recognized for steering aBi through a successful period. Some of the key milestones and achievements that were attributed to her tenure included the following;

  1. Provision of strategic leadership during COVID-19 pandemic which ensured business continuity for aBi & its partners
  2. Successful transition of aBi and re-organisation of aBi Finance Ltd
  3. Enhancement and mainstreaming of ESG, Green Growth, Gender and sustainable development in all aspects of aBi’s operations. aBi became carbon-neutral in 2020.
  4. aBi Finance capital fund size grew to over UGX 200Bn
  5. Secured funding for aBi Development and new investors for aBi Finance Ltd.
  6. Under VCD specifically, for the coffee value chain (VC) aBi and its VC partners contributed to the growth of coffee exports to over 6.1m 60kg bags



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