Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs)

aBi underwent a functional review which prioritized Social and Environmental Responsibility as one of the focal areas for support. Promoting environmentally responsible economic growth (Green Growth) is a major concern within the broader theme of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

aBi encourages the integration of interventions under the crosscutting themes – mainly Gender, Youth, Green Growth and HRBA – right from the start, i.e., beginning at the project design stage and carrying through to project implementation.

aBi Socially Responsible Investment principles

Principle 1 aBi partners shall actively promote and foster fair labour and working conditions.
Principle 2 aBi will encourage support of projects that promote the responsible use of land, energy and water and safety of consumers.
Principle 3 aBi activities shall support initiatives that promote the conservation of natural resources and promotion of renewable energy.
Principle 4 aBi activities shall be underlined by the promotion and protection of vulnerable groups, defined as gender-women and youth & location specific-Northern Uganda.
Principle 5 aBi interventions shall contribute to Poverty eradication by direct or indirect investments in projects that provide jobs and increase incomes.