FSD – Call for Proposals

Terms of Reference (TORs) for Mapping and Evaluation of Products offered by Banking Financial Services Providers (FSPs) in Uganda

The Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) was jointly founded by the Governments of Denmark & Uganda in 2010 as a social enterprise that channels development cooperation funding to agribusinesses & agricultural service providers. aBi aims at building a competitive, profitable & sustainable agriculture and agribusiness sector in support of equitable wealth creation in Uganda.

2. aBi Finance Ltd (aBiF)
aBi Finance Ltd provides funding to financial institutions and agribusinesses with a focus on SMEs and smallholder farmers through Lines of Credit (agriculture and clean technology), Agricultural Guarantees and Financial Services Development / Business Development Services. aBi’s current Business Plan 2019/23 aims at improved profitability, income & employment of Ugandan farmers & agribusinesses in order to achieve the following results: improved beneficiary agribusinesses overall business performance & sustainability; increased smallholder farmers & agribusiness access to serviceable financial services; & aBi’s efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability enhanced.

3. Development partners
Royal Danish Embassy (RDE), International Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) and European Union (EU).

4. Rationale
Despite the significant coverage of aBiF’s partner financial institutions, some areas and demographics including refugees host communities are still not adequately covered by financial services. As aBi Finance advances its interventions in reaching the underserved geographies as well as green finance it is important to carry out an empirical study to identify the financially excluded areas, gaps and investment opportunities. aBiF is thus seeking a consultant to undertake this study. Specific objectives of the study are stated in section 2.1 below.