1What does aBi do?
Agricultural Business Initiative –aBi is a social enterprise that channels development funding to agribusinesses and agriculture in Uganda. aBi was jointly founded by the governments of Denmark and Uganda in 2010. It was formerly aBi Trust however, in September 2019, it transformed into aBi; made up of two distinct companies limited by guarantee and shares as aBi Development Ltd and aBi 2020 Ltd, respectively.
2Does aBi have branches in Uganda?
aBi does not have branches anywhere in Uganda. It operates from one physical office location at Umoja House, 2nd Floor, Nakasero Road in Kampala. However, aBi funds the implementation of programmes across the whole country, working through Implementing Partners.
3As an individual, how can I benefit from the services of aBi?

At aBi, we mainly work with private sector actors engaged in agri-business such as farmer organizations, Small & Medium Enterprises and Financial Institutions and Government bodies such as regulators and research institutions. aBi also supports private sector commodity platforms.

As an individual, you can submit your proposal to any of these entities with whom we work in order to benefit from our services and products.

4How can I access and utilize the services of aBi?
If you are an organization dealing in agribusiness or a Financial Institution, look out for aBi calls for proposals by visiting aBi website (www.abi.co.ug) or come to aBi offices (Plot 20, Nakasero Road, UMoja House, 2nd Floor) and have a discussion with our staff or you can call us on Telephone +256 (0) 312 351600
5How can I get a grant from aBi?
Just as in No. 4 above, aBi grants are announced widely in the print media and through our website. And once your organization meets the minimum requirements, you can get an aBi grant.
6What does one need to do or have to benefit from this funding?

One does not need to do or have something special in order for them to benefit from our funding. For the agricultural production funding, the applicant(s) has to be engaging in the value chain commodities that aBi supports. On the other hand, for the Financial Institutions to benefit, they have to demonstrate that they offering Agricultural on lending services.

The organization also needs to have been in existence for at least 3 years, with a functional board and management team and with good internal control processes and policies.

7Is aBi selective in financing the agricultural value chains; Are both food crops and cash crops considered for agri-financing?
In financing agricultural value chains, aBi does not discriminate between the cash crops and food crops as long as it is in one of the value chains that aBi focuses on (that is, coffee, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, horticulture, dairy and poultry). aBi also supports cross cutting initiatives like gender mainstreaming and green growth.
8What interventions does aBi support?
aBi supports productivity improvement, quality enhancement, market development (local and export), financial inclusion and technical assistance.