Gender for Growth Fund

aBi Trust acknowledges the importance of women in improving agricultural performance and their role in rural growth and transformation yet they are severely constrained by a meager share in the means of production, land, capital, credit and technology and their marginalisation in production all of which are rooted in unequal gender relations at the household level.

Gender equality mainstreaming is done in the context of the value chain for all value chain actors. The G4G business unit uses a household approach that focuses on bringing household members to plan, work and share benefits together at household level for improved livelihoods.

Farming as a family business is promoted in all aBi Trust interventions and support is provided to all partners of aBi Trust to mainstream gender equality and inclusion of youth in all interventions including, household gender sensitisation, gender policy development and implementation, radio programmes, gender training of peer educators, staff and board members, documentation of best practices, sharing experiences and learning.

All aBi Trust service providers receive gender and youth training to ensure institutionalising gender equality in all aBi Trust programmes, activities, systems and structures. Business mentoring of women and youth will be emphasised to make them more competitive.


All partners are monitored and mentored; they are also provided with technical assistance to achieve better results. G4G works closely with all aBi Components to ensure gender equality and youth mainstreaming in all their interventions.

 G4G Fund supports innovative proposals under the following themes:

  • Fairer gender relations as a critical and key intervention to increase productivity in value chains
  • Increased competitiveness of women farmers and entrepreneurs
  • Economic and legal justice for women to improve economic growth