Supported Value Chains

aBi Trust supports value chain interventions aimed at increasing productivity, improved quality for competitiveness and facilitating market access targeting farmers as the direct beneficiaries. These interventions promoted include Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), Post-Harvest Handling (PHH), Collective Marketing, Commercial seed production, Sanitary and Pyhto Sanitary and Quality Management and Entrepreneurship skills and these are limited to six value chains of Coffee, Oilseeds, Maize, Pulses, Horticulture and Dairy.

Coffee Value Chain


By June, 2013, the Trust supported coffee production including GAP, PHH, collective marketing and business skills reaching a total of 61,151 farmers. New and old Coffee nurseries, establishment of a tissue culture laboratory and training technical staff in tissue culture technology formed part of the support to increase multiplication and availability of clean planting materials.



A total of 5,516 farmers have been reached through sunflower intervention, which included GAPS, PHH and collective marketing skills which enabled them increase production and earn premium prices. Increase in productivity and stable prices has increased incomes to the farmers and more farmers are getting interested in the crop. In addition farmers under UOSPA produced 7,057Kgs of Sesun1H seed that will be used for further multiplication.

Groundnut Production


A total of 3,894 farmers have reached through trainings in GAPS, PHH and collective marketing. Farmers have been trained to detect disease like rosette disease in groundnuts varieties and most of them were adopting new variety of Serenut 3, which is high-yielding and fast-maturing. Dry spell have affected the growth of the crop in most production regions.



Sesame interventions have reached 9,557 farmers supported to increase production and marketing. A total of 4,942 acres of land have been cultivated. 1107MT has been collected and bulked by farmers and selling at USh 3000 per kg compared to Ush 2,400 paid during 2012.



A total of 16,287 farmers engaged in growing of mangoes, passion fruits and hot pepper have been trained in preparation for organic certification. Horticultural support has also reached 684 pineapple farmers in Kayunga who were trained in GAPs, PHH and collective marketing and are now bulking for export.

852 chilli nursery beds in Gulu district have been supported where 4,260 farmers are accessing chilli seedlings. 60% of the farmers reached have adopted GAPs and PHH for chili production. Seedlings from nurseries will contribute additional 592 acres of chill into the region.

Dairy Value Chain


The Dairy value chain was launched in January 2013, in South Western Uganda. The main implementing partner is the Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union (UCCCU) in collaboration with 100 primary cooperatives and 10 unions.

The intervention includes support towards acquisition of 100 milk coolers, 100 generators, 100 testing kits, 100 mini lab 10 road tankers and 4 refrigerated trucks all valued at EUR 3.5 million with farmers contributing 50% of the total value in addition to putting structures for the equipment.



About 48% of participating beans farmers have adopted GAP has resulted into increased productivity from an average of 250kg/acre before intervention to an average yield of 613kg/acre.

This has increased production of beans and volumes being bulked. Between January and June 2013, a total of about 2,013MT were bulked and collectively sold by farmers at an average price of USh 1,354 per Kilo to various buyers most of whom are traders and schools



About 6,188 farmers out of 10,793 supported by aBi Trust participated in maize projects and these adopted maize agronomic and PHH practices. By June 2013, the number of beneficiaries increased to 15,566 farmers out of whom 10,207 (66%) had adopted the practices. Adoption of the practices resulted into increased maize yields from an average of 750 kg per acre to an average of 1300kg per acre. During the period, the average price of maize was USh 650 per kg.