Introduction to aBi Finance

aBi Finance

aBi Finance Limited is the investment arm of aBi Trust that provides financing for agribusiness development. aBi Finance focuses on risk management and return on investment to ensure sustainability of aBi Trust. aBi Finance Products include; Lines of Credit, Agribusiness Loan Guarantee and Construction Guarantee Fund.

Objectives of aBi Finance

  • Provide funding for the aBi Trust to enable it execute its programmes activities in a sustainable manner.
  • Promote provision of credit facilities to agricultural based small and medium sized enterprises.

Agribusiness Loan Guarantee

Designed for agribusiness, the purpose of the Guarantee Scheme is to generate new (additional) lending in specific agribusiness sub-sectors.


Lines Of Credit

aBi Finance offers opportunities for financial institutions (FIs) to deepen access to rural finance and to increase lending into agribusiness.


Construction Guarantee Fund

The Fund is aimed at improving access to finance for contractors and consultants in the road sector through provision of a guarantee scheme. Eligible Financial Institutions apply for this fund to underwrite the risk of bid bonds, performance bonds and advance.