About Us

The Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) Trust is a multi-donor entity devoted to private sector agribusiness development.  aBi Trust follows a long-term commitment by being both a catalyst in support of the Ugandan agricultural sector and a conduit through which development partners and investors can build the capacity of the agricultural sector. The Trust is jointly founded by the Governments of Denmark and Uganda. Other Development Partners include USAID, EU, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands Embassy, UKAid, and KfW.

The aBi Trust is supporting agribusiness development in the private sector to achieve the objective of the Government of Uganda’s Competitiveness and Investment Climate Strategy (CICS).

The aBi Trust provides both financing and technical support in selected agricultural value chains and offers an integrated approach on value chain development.


About aBi Trust

Our Strategic Objective

To strengthen the competitiveness of Uganda’s agricultural and agro-processing sectors through the following services:

  • Value Chain Development (VCD) leading to improved performance efficiency of actors and value chains (with focus on value chain actors and non-financial service providers) and including trade-related Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) and Quality Management Systems (QMS).
  • Financial Services Development (FSD) supporting agribusiness development (with focus on the relation between financial service providers and value chain actors).
  • Gender for Growth (G4G) Fund that fully integrates gender equality in all aBi activities and manages a fund piloting innovative gender equality approaches in agriculture.

Legal and Administrative

The aBi Trust was registered as a corporate body in Uganda on 22nd July 2010 under the Trustees Incorporation Act, Caption 165. The body takes the form of an irrevocable public Trust for support to private sector development within the agricultural and related sectors, inclusive of agricultural production, agro-processing, agri-business development and all other agricultural activities.

The Trust can exist in perpetuity and is legally restricted to the agricultural sector support activities.

aBi Trust is endowed with sufficient funds to ensure its sustainability, however, its structure allows for the participation of future new partners and capital contributions.