Delight (U) Ltd team receiving their award from Hon. Michael Werikhe, Minister of State for Trade, during the PSFU awards ceremony in Kampala

Delight (U) Ltd team receiving their award from Hon. Michael Werikhe, Minister of State for Trade, during the PSFU awards ceremony in Kampala

Delight (UG) Ltd won the Corporate Social Responsibility award, in the agri-business category, at the Private Sector Development Awards 2017, held on the 14th September 2017 at Royal Suites Hotel, Kampala. The awards were organized by Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU). This award was in recognition of the company’s role in enhancing improved mango production and marketing as a re-settlement strategy in support of the formerly internally displaced people in northern Uganda. Delight was also recognized for opening up roads for the community in Nwoya district, setting up a farm and planting up to 800 acres of Mangoes, 100 acres of Oranges, 200 acres of Eucalyptus and with a modern nursery, which in turn has helped the internally displaced people settle down and improve their economic well-being.

Delight (U) Ltd is one of the off takers that has benefited from aBi’s support in northern Uganda, and has evidenced by this award, it has positively impacted many lives in the region. Delight is a private company registered in 1996 to conduct the business of producing fresh juice for the domestic market.

Aware of the need to provide agricultural skills and increase incomes of the previously Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nwoya district, aBi Trust entered into a partnership with Delight in 2015, aimed at establishing nurseries to improve access, availability and distribution of clean planting mango seedlings preferred for juice making. This project would also enable 1,000 beneficiary farmers to establish good mango gardens. The successful operation of the mango nursery in the first six months of the project led to a three-year contract with NAADS for the distribution of 2,000,000 seedlings per year to supply farmers in Northern Uganda.

In 2016 aBi Trust supported Delight to set up an efficient irrigation system, to supply nursery sheds, hardening areas, and fertigation tanks for supplying liquid fertilizers into sprinklers. This project also involves the training of over 1,000 farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), gender, and supporting establishment of Village Savings & Loans Associations. To date, over 1,702 acres of mango gardens have already been established and are under the management of out growers. The company has created employment opportunities for the IDPs, guaranteed a market for the mangoes and is working with other off takers to ensure that all the surplus produce is bought.

The proprietor of Delight, Madame “Adyeri” commended aBi Trust for its support.

The Board and Management of aBi Trust congratulates Delight for winning this accolade. We are confident that with our support the increased production of improved mango varieties will obviously attract additional investment in the processing of fruit juice, pulp and dried fruit, which will further create more employment opportunities and increase incomes of the people, not only in Nwoya district, but in the rest of the region.