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Value Chain Development

The aBi Development Limited strategy supports market-driven enterprises using a value chain approach for specific commodity groups (sub sectors) were six value chains are being supported. These include: maize; pulses, coffee, oilseeds, Horticulture and Dairy.

Financial Services Development

Financial Services Development (FSD) targets to supports activities which aim at increasing access to financial services to Value Chain actors. The FSD’s immediate objective is to increase availability and usage of financial services through wider and deeper delivery mechanisms.

aBi Finance Limited

aBi Finance provides Lines of Credit (LoCs) to Financial Institutions for on-lending to agribusinesses across the entire value chain. aBi Finance also runs an Agriculture Loan Guarantee Scheme (ALGs) for Financial Institutions to share losses incurred through defaulting loans. As at December 2017, aBi’s Financial products generated over 231 thousand new loans to producers and businesses.

Agribusiness in Uganda

The agricultural sector in Uganda is dominated by small holder farmers and many small (up to 50 workers) traders and processors. Value chains are generally weakly developed and the quality of farm produce and factory products are of moderate to poor quality…

2017 Performance

78 million litres of milk sold through the collection centres

176,770 additional farmers applied Good Agronomic Practices

7,696 jobs (4,598 Male; Female 3,098) were created

135 bn additional income earned by farmers/SMEs



aBi welcomed a new joint Board of Directors of both aBi Development (formerly aBi Trust) and aBi Finance for a 3-year term starting 2019. The…
March 15, 2019

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